Five-step lawn care program

The Benefits of Jay-Lan’s Five-Step Lawn Care Program

Our Five Steps

When it comes to lawn care service in Iowa, our five-step program is tough to beat. For our customers, the program serves as a rock-solid foundation on which to build, maintain, and enhance their lawn, keeping it healthy, lush, and green year-round. Here’s a snapshot of each step.

Step One: Early Spring

This step consists of a balanced fertilizer distribution, combined with steps to control crabgrass, foxtail pre-emergent, and broadleaf weeds (as needed).

Step Two: Late Spring

Our late-spring approach mimics our early-spring approach. A second round of fertilizer, combined with crabgrass and weed control, to enhance your lawn’s health as we look towards summer.

Step Three: Early Summer

Early summer is all about consistent, balanced fertilizer application to optimize color and thickness.

Step Four: Late Summer/Early Fall

The fourth step in our five-step lawn care program entails balanced fertilizer combined with broadleaf weed control.

Step Five: Late-Late Fall

As we head towards winter, our fifth and final step sees us putting down a heavy rate of granular fertilizer for your lawn. This promotes root development and puts your lawn in an ideal position for earlier greening the following spring.

Customized Lawn Care Programs

When you work with our local lawn care company, you’ll benefit from a flexible approach that’s customized to your lawn’s specific needs. Building off of our Five-Step Lawn Care program, we offer several additional applications. These include:

Grassy Weed Control

Not all grass is good. In fact, grassy weeds can cause big problems for commercial and residential lawns. We combat weeds like bromegrass, quackgrass, and nutsedge with some of the market’s highest-grade lawn chemicals.

Tree Root Feeding

If your property is home to any number of trees, consider our tree root feeding application. Our team injects liquid fertilizer into the heart of the tree’s root zone, facilitating growth and health.

Athletic Fields

We bring our extensive experience to athletic fields of all shapes and sizes, game schedules, and special requirements. Aerating, insect control, and fertilizing are services we provide, along with weed control and disease control.

Lawn Insect Control

Lawn-loving insects range from “pain in the butt” to “truly destructive”, and we offer solutions that ward off sod webworms, bluegrass billbugs, and numerous other critters.

Industrial and Commercial Weed Management

For our commercial customers, we offer a one-time weed management application that’s applied in the spring and prevents weed growth throughout the growing season. And if weeds do happen to emerge later in the season, we’ll re-treat your lawn(s) for no additional cost.

Our Five-Step Lawn Care Program Is Just The Beginning

For more than 40 years, Jay-Lan Lawn Care has operated with the belief that every lawn, no matter how big or small, deserves the utmost professionalism and products. Contact us to discuss our Five-Step Lawn Care program and additional applications. First-class lawn treatment is only a phone call away.