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Why Insect Control Will Save on Lawn Care Costs

We are a Sioux City, IA lawn care company that provides insect control, fertilizer, and weed control services to the Siouxland and tri-city area homeowners and business owners. Our lawn care experts understand the importance of proper insect control in Sioux City, and we are happy to share how it can help you save on lawn care expenses.

How Insects Can Damage a Lawn

There are a variety of different insects that can damage your lawn, including cutworms, billbugs, black turfgrass ataenius, crane flies, fiery skippers, lawn moths, and white grubs. Pests such as these can chew the leaves of the grass, make your grass brown, dry out the grass, destroy the roots of the grass, and form large, irregular dead patches on your lawn. Some of these pests can even move to your home or business once they are done destroying your lawn, which can cause cleanliness issues, health problems, and expensive mitigation. The best way to avoid all these is to apply preventative methods such as lawn chemicals before it’s too late.

How to Prevent Insects on Your Lawn

Following good lawn care practices is the best way to keep pests off your lawn. Growing appropriate grass species for a particular climate region and keeping your lawn maintained are particularly important methods of keeping harmful insects away. However, if harmful insects and pests persist, one solution to consider is lawn pesticides. Sioux City homeowners can turn to a reputable lawn care company such as Jay-Lan Lawn Care in order to apply the proper insect-killing pesticides.
Lawn pesticides are something that should be used with care, because if used incorrectly, they can be harmful to your lawn and the environment. The experts at Jay-Lan Lawn Care know the proper pesticides to put onto your lawn in the case of pests or other insects.

How Pest Prevention Can Save You Money

When it comes to applying lawn insecticide, Sioux City homeowners and businesses can end up saving money on lawn care if the chemicals are applied before pests can take hold. Because of the extensive damage that insects can do to a lawn, the cost for replanting grass seed can easily exceed the cost of the chemicals required to get rid of the pest in the first place. In this case, the cost of preventative maintenance will be much lower than that of recovering from insect damage.

Sioux City, IA Lawn Insect Prevention

At Jay-Lan Lawn Care, we have been serving the Siouxland area with professional lawn care services for over 40 years. Whether you need insect removal, fertilizer application, or other lawn services, our professionals are ready to help.
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