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What Is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn. Most people know that it offers some great benefits, but not many understand exactly what core aeration entails. Jay-Lan Lawn Care takes a closer look.

Core Aeration: an Overview

Core aeration is the process of removing cores (or plugs) of soil from a lawn. To do this properly, our lawn care service near Sioux City uses a machine called a lawn aerator. This device penetrates the soil and removes the aforementioned plugs, leaving behind holes that range from ½-inch – ¾-inch in diameter. With the plugs removed, soil compaction is reduced, allowing more water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil and support your lawn’s growth and overall health.

A similar process called spike aeration involves punching spike into the lawn. However, our local lawn experts recommend core aeration because the bigger holes help your lawn to get more of the resources it needs.

Manual core aerators are available, but our power devices are faster and easier to use.

How Do We Aerate a Lawn?

A lawn is best aerated in spring or fall when the ground is moist and the aeration process isn’t slowed by hard soil. Also, the grass should be as short as possible so that the soil can be extracted quickly and completely. For this reason, we’ll mow your lawn first, with the aeration performed in the mower’s wake so that we’re taking advantage of optimum conditions. Another reason to aerate in short-grass conditions is that the core plugs are left on the grass, where they’ll begin to break down after the first time your lawn is mowed post-aeration. As the plugs break down, microorganisms are released that will eat any thatch (dry/dead grass and roots) that’s present.

Depending on the size and composition of your lawn, you might benefit from core aeration twice a year. This is something we can discuss once you’ve signed on for our lawn care services near Sioux City. We’ll also confirm whether you have any underground sprinkler or septic apparatus that should be avoided during core aeration.

What Benefits Does Core Aeration Provide?

When you choose Jay-Lan Lawn Care for core aeration, your lawn will receive significant benefits. The biggest boon comes in the form of plentiful oxygen reaching the grass’s roots. When soil is too compacted, the pore space around the roots is reduced, which limits the amount of available oxygen. And like any plant, a lawn needs plenty of oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients, and continue growing.

Along with increased oxygen intake, core aeration offers several more big upsides:

  • Loosening of compacted soil permits the root system to grow faster and healthier
  • Water can better saturate the soil, making it easier to reach the roots
  • Enhanced saturation helps prevent run-off
  • Fertilizer and nutrients have an easier path to the lawn’s roots
  • Dry/dead grass (thatch) is easier to decompose

Work with Aeration Experts

From core aeration and tree trimming to overseeding and general mowing, we care for our customers’ lawns year round. Talk to us today about our approach, our pricing, what kind of lawn chemicals we recommend, and much more.

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Why You Should Hire a Full-Service Lawn Care Provider

The advantages to hiring a full-service lawn care provider are numerous, not least of which is the opportunity to build a strong relationship with a company that will support your lawn month after month, year after year. Jay-Lan Lawn Care considers several more reasons for making the move to full-service.  


As one of the premier lawn care services in Sioux City, and one that’s been a part of the community for more than four decades, we’ve developed a large customer base. As such, we’re able to purchase the latest, greatest professional-grade equipment and supplies and put these to work for our clients at a fraction of what it would cost for an individual to purchase the same items. For example, just for starters, a person would need to buy several rakes (one each for landscaping, thatching, lawn, and leaves), a ride mower (or two or three, depending on lawn size), leaf  tarps, silt spreaders, a power aerator, a leaf blower, and a leaf vacuum.

Of course, this equipment won’t run itself, so then you would need to gain the equivalent of 40 years of experience. This includes not just the art of mowing, trimming, landscaping, etc., but also weed control, the application of lawn chemicals, and much more. Our local lawn care company provides all of these things at a fraction of what they would cost to acquire, so from a budget standpoint hiring Jay-Lan Lawn Care is a no-brainer.

Time Savings

This is probably the number one reason why Siouxland residents hire a full-service lawn care provider.  With everything that modern life entails, rare is the person who has enough time to properly care for their lawn. Disregarding the fact that most people possess only a basic level of lawn care knowledge, you would need to invest an enormous amount of hours researching lawn treatment, application of fertilizer, and everything else your lawn requires. Then there’s the time spent shopping for materials (seed, mulch, etc.), and finally the weekly hours dedicated to maintaining your lawn. Contrast this with the speed at which you could contact our nearby lawn experts and get a quote, and it’s easy to see just how much time you’ll save working with us.


All of us at some point or another have thought about a certain job, say a lawyer or carpenter, and said to ourselves that we could do just as well. And sure, you might have the skills to build a mean birdhouse or talk your way out of a traffic ticket – but when things get serious, wouldn’t you rather ask a carpenter to build your house, or a lawyer to defend you in a lawsuit? The cost will be higher than a DIY scenario, but the results will be far more profitable. Same goes for lawn care: our expertise translates into a great-looking lawn and beautiful landscaping year-round.


Our lawn care service is licensed and insured, which renders you blame-free for any injuries or damages we incur. It also frees you from the responsibility of managing and storing fertilizer, chemicals, and other substances that in untrained hands could be dangerous to individuals and the environment.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Hiring a full-service lawn care provider is a smart move, especially if you want your lawn tended to across all four seasons, in all weather conditions. Contact our lawn care company serving Sioux City and learn more about the variety of services and programs we offer, all tailored to your needs.

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How Fertilizer In The Fall Helps Your Lawn Look Great In The Spring

Many people, even long-time homeowners, are surprised by the fact that fall, and not spring, is the most important time to put down fertilizer. At Jay-Lan Lawn Care, our lawn treatment specialists understand that fertilizing in the fall is a huge step towards a lush lawn in the spring.

A healthy lawn doesn’t just look and feel good. It also reduces heat, improves air quality, and generates oxygen – all big pluses for your family. Our Sioux City lawn care company will help you achieve these goals, using the following insights as motivation.

Why Is Fall The Perfect Time To Fertilize?

Summer heat is tough on a lot of living things, including lawns. But come fall, cooler temperatures offer the ideal climate in which to optimize a lawn’s overall health. In these milder temps, grass has a better chance to grow strong and build stamina before winter sets in. Also, the moisture generated on a cool fall morning in the form of dew and light frost helps the lawn and soil absorb fertilizer. Interestingly, autumn naturally invigorates grass and lawns, supporting root growth so that everything green looks great come spring. And when you fertilize your lawn, you give autumn’s natural benefits some extra juice.

When In Fall Should You Fertilize?

The pros at our lawn care service near Sioux City recommend fertilizing your lawn 2 – 3 weeks before the ground freezes. This corresponds with the first frost, which usually occurs a few weeks prior to ground freeze. Just confirm the date of the first frost and circle it on your calendar as the time to fertilize.

Regarding time of day, morning or early evening are best. This way, you avoid having to fertilize when daily temperatures are warmest. Make sure you don’t fertilize right before heavy rain, because rainwater leads to runoff and the possibility that you’ll have to fertilize and re-apply your lawn chemicals   all over again. Also, if you’re fertilizing after a day or two after a rainstorm, you should wait until the grass dries before beginning your project.

Many of our customers are curious whether they should mow the lawn before fertilizing, and the answer is yes. We also recommend leaving grass clippings out, as this will help strengthen the roots.

What Kind Of Fertilizer Should You Use?

There are lots of good fertilizers on the market, so let’s consider this question from a chemical point of view. Our many years of providing first-class lawn care services have made us experts on the three nutrients every lawn requires: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each offers a unique benefit: for example, phosphorous is integral to establishing a solid foundation of healthy grass and roots, while nitrogen is important in promoting and maintaining strong growth. As for potassium, it enhances a lawn’s resilience to dry spells, heavy foot traffic, and the like. Depending on your lawn’s condition, it may require more of one nutrient than another. This is an area that we can assist you with.

Get a Quote

From weed control and insect control to core aeration and tree trimming, Jay-Lan Lawn Care does it all. Contact us today and let’s talk about a plan to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant year round.

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What’s Underneath: Fertilizer and Root Development

If you’re a home or property owner, it’s important to consider the benefits that fertilization and healthy lawn chemicals offer to lawns big and small. Why is fertilizer so important for maintaining a lush, healthy lawn? Our lawn care service near Sioux City takes a look.

It’s All About The Nutrients

Even if you’re blessed with great soil on your property, your lawn still won’t get all of the nutrients it needs to be green, thick, and thriving. Think of your soil as a refrigerator: the lawn takes what it needs, but eventually you need to restock. Over time, as your lawn grows and the soil becomes less fertile, you need to refill it with fertilizer.

As a leading local lawn treatment company, we know that the biggest advantage to using fertilizer is that it’s packed with the nutrients your lawn requires. There are six primary nutrients, three of which (oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon) the grass absorbs naturally from air and water. The other three – potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous – are key ingredients of any good fertilizer. Let’s look closer at the benefits they bring.


This nutrient boosts disease resistance, regulates metabolic processes, and helps the lawn form carbohydrates. Overall, potassium is essential for enhancing your lawn’s overall strength and vigor.


Nitrogen isn’t one of the most common elements in nature, which means that if it’s available, your grass will gobble it up. Why does your lawn crave nitrogen? Because it facilitates protein development, which in turn helps the grass generate new tissue.


This is a real “wonder nutrient”. Phosphorous is key to good lawn care because it improves vitality, increases size, and most importantly, stimulates root growth.

Three more important nutrients are included in fertilizer, though not to the same extent as the three mentioned above. One of these nutrients, sulfur, is found in many of the proteins your lawn needs for good root development. Another nutrient is magnesium, which helps the grass process sunlight. Last but not least is calcium, which plants use in their cell membranes to stimulate growth and minimize toxicity. Calcium also improves soil structure.

Organic Fertilizer or Synthetic?

Having provided lawn care services to the Sioux City area for more than 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of different fertilizers. Today, you can separate fertilizers into two categories: organic and synthetic. Each has its advantages.

Organic Fertilizer

Composed of organic material (i.e. plant meal and composted manure) and mineral deposits, the most important characteristic of organic fertilizer is that it’s not water-soluble, and therefore its nutrients are delivered to your lawn at a slow rate. Thus, organic fertilizers are best laid in the fall so the grass can reap the benefits come spring.

Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizer is made via the chemical processing of raw materials. Unlike organic fertilizer, synthetic varieties are water-soluble and thus can be accessed by your lawn almost immediately. This makes synthetic fertilizer a good choice in early spring, when the soil is still cold and its microbes are not yet active.

Schedule Lawn Care Service

Fertilization, weed control, tree trimming, and overseeding: Jay-Lan Lawn Care does it all and more. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll keep your landscaping in top shape all year long.

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Five Ways a Professional Lawn Care Service Can Keep Your Yard Greener

Having served the Siouxland region for over 40 years, Jay-Lan Lawn Care has provided professional lawn care services to thousands of customers. If you’re wondering how our company can keep your yard greener, we’re happy to share the following five reasons.


We all know that a lawn (taken collectively) is a living plant, and as such needs water not just to survive, but also to attain that lush green look we all want. Mother Nature looks after a lawn’s water needs for most of the year, supplying refreshment via rain and soil. However, it’s during the dry periods in summer and part of fall when the lawn care expertise of our Sioux City experts is most needed. Rather than let your lawn reach that straw-like state that indicates a critical lack of water, count on our company to provide the proper irrigation. This means ensuring your lawn gets 1 – 2 inches of water weekly, or more depending on the heat.

Tending The Soil

There’s an old saying that goes, “A lawn is only as good as the soil it grows in”. For this reason it’s important to have an experienced lawn care service partner that understands how to look after your lawn’s root zone. We have the know-how to optimize the efficiency and condition of your lawn’s roots, including the application of organic matter to consistently improve the soil. This organic matter feeds the billions of helpful bacteria that reside within your lawn, enhancing nutrient production and root mass.

Protection Against Insects and Disease

Left unchecked, insects – specifically, grubs – can wreak havoc on your lawn, in some cases destroying it completely. Also, certain lawn diseases can accelerate the dry-out process, turning your once-verdant lawn into straw. As for weeds, we all know the problems they create. Jay-Lan Lawn Care has the skill and the tools to protect your lawn against these threats. We use safe, organic lawn chemicals to keep insects and disease in check, and our weed control solutions are second-to-none.


Self-fertilizing your lawn once or twice a year isn’t good enough if you want a lawn that’s perpetually lush and green. Fertilizer should be distributed year-round, which is why fertilization is an important component of our lawn care program for customers in Sioux City and surrounding towns. Between spring and late fall we’ll undertake several fertilizer applications, steadily enhancing your lawn’s color and thickness.


Mowing a lawn isn’t a sophisticated job, but cutting the grass to the right height can be tricky. For this reason, contracting with a lawn treatment company in Siouxland is a smart move. Cutting the grass too short hurts a lawn’s root system by reducing the amount of available water conserver and soil conditioner, with the result being a discolored lawn. Avoiding this problem necessitates an expert’s touch, and our lawn pros know to cut off only 1/3 of the grass length with every mow. Doing this ensures the health of your grass, especially since we sharpen our lawn mower blades a few times a year to ensure effectiveness.

Connect with Your Local Lawn Care Company

Jay-Lan Lawn Care has extensive expertise in all facets of lawn care, from weed control and fertilizer to tree trimming and core aeration. If you’re interested in hiring one of the best lawn care companies in Sioux City, contact us today for a quote and a consultation.

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5 Tips to Keep Grubs from Destroying Your Lawn

As a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ve spent time and money maintaining your yard and landscaping. Thus, you’ll want to ensure you’re able to enjoy it without dealing with any pests. If you have, or suspect you might have, a grub infestation, how can you deal with it? Following these simple steps, and calling Jay-Lan Lawn Care for insect control, can solve your grub problem.

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Lawn Care and Your Home Value

You might be surprised to learn that your lawn care has a direct impact on your home value. Before you tune us out — after all, JayLan Lawn Care is a Siouxland lawn care company — don’t take our word for it. Ask a realtor. That’s what the Washington Post did not too long ago, and what Jill Chodorov Kaminsky found when she researched the question just might surprise you. Let’s get to the root of this, shall we?

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Choosing the Right Lawn Care Service Provider

People look for Sioux City lawn care for many different reasons. Some have the reverse Midas touch with anything green and really need the help. Others are confused by the steps and timing needed, or find that they have the knowledge but other things they’d rather do with their precious time. So if you’re looking for a leg (or a green thumb) up, how do you pick the right lawn care service provider? You start with Jay-Lan Lawn Care.

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