Dealing with grubs in your lawn? You might be tempted to reach for an over-the-counter grub control product, but you should read this before you do. Jay-Lan Lawn Care has many years of experience helping Siouxland homeowners with lawn pest control, and we’re about to share some of that experience with you: the wrong remedy, applied at the wrong time, is going to waste your scarce time and hard-earned money.

What Are Grubs, Anyway?

For the uninitiated, grubs are small beetle larvae that look like worms. What you’re seeing right now (if you’re reading this late in summer) are the offspring of beetles that started off as last season’s grubs. You don’t always see them, but you’ll see the damage they leave behind (like patches of dead grass).

Misconceptions About Grub Control

If you’re using grub treatments and finding that they’re not solving the problem, it helps to address some of the misconceptions surrounding grub control. Here are a few reasons your grub control measures might not be working.

Wrong Chemicals

Over-the-counter grub remedies can be effective, provided they’re timed and used properly. One common issue is people using a granular formula and assuming their work is done. It’s not, necessarily. Dry product needs to be wet in order to be ingested. If it hasn’t rained or if you haven’t watered, dry chemicals simply won’t work.

Poor Timing

Grubs are voracious little critters, but the time during which they feed is short — August and September — so if you’re too early or too late, anything you do will be less effective. Chemicals should be applied before mid-August, but not too long before, and won’t be nearly as effective if applied too late.

Poor Lawn Maintenance

A lawn that’s not thick and dense — whether it’s choked by weeds or has extensive pest damage — tends to breed further problems. Taking care of your lawn year ‘round means fewer problems, whereas simply addressing problems as they arise can end up being like an unending game of whack-a-mole (did we mention we take care of mole control, too?).

Grubs May Not Be the Issue

If you’ve got bees in your attic and the exterminator insists on treating your basement for termites, those bees aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Similarly, we’ve seen homeowners apply grub killer to things that turned out to be everything from pet urine stains to fungi or sun damage. Make sure you’re solving the right problem!

The Right Way to Control Grubs

Understanding the grub’s lifecycle is key to grub control. As we’ve already seen, there are many misconceptions homeowners have about controlling lawn pests generally, and grubs in specific. Because a holistic approach works best, we recommend grub control as part of a comprehensive lawn treatment program.

When you contact Jay-Lan Lawn Care, we will assess your lawn and your goals. We’ll also get you started on a program that keeps your lawn healthy and thriving year ‘round. That means fewer trips to the big box home store or garden center, and it also means knowing that the money you spend on lawn care will be put to its best use instead of being wasted. Call us today!