Since first being discovered in Michigan in 2002, the emerald ash borer (EAB), a tiny, exotic beetle, has been discovered in 25 states and is responsible for the death of millions of ash trees. Several treatments are in use today, but the big question is: “How effective are they?”

What Is an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)?

Named for its bright, beautiful green color, an emerald ash borer burrows into an ash tree shortly after hatching. Once inside, it feeds on the tree’s phloem – the vital tissue that carries food throughout the tree – and gradually prevents water and nutrients from reaching an increasing percentage the tree. If not treated in time, the tree will die.

It’s important to note that emerald ash borer damage is caused in the larvae stage. Ironically, adult EABs are content to just nibble on an ash tree’s foliage.

EAB Treatment Options

There are four EAB treatment types: trunk injection, soil injection, canopy spray, and bark spray. The injection options are the most commonly used, since the treatment solution is delivered straight into the tree’s tissue and then quickly dispersed through the trunk and canopy, where it begins counteracting larvae-tunneling. Canopy and bark sprays, while not employed as frequently as injections, are helpful in preventing adult EAB from feeding and laying eggs.

What Factors Affect EAB Treatment Efficacy?

The most critical factors affecting EAB treatment efficacy are the tree’s overall health, the product and solution dosage used, and how quickly treatment is administered. To this last point, proactivity is key. If EAB is in your area (which is something you can easily confirm via a quick phone call to Jay-Lan Lawn Care), emerald ash borer treatment must begin immediately. Even if your ash tree(s) appears healthy, the notion that EAB is in your region is more than enough impetus to have you tree inspected by our local tree care company. EAB has been spotted in Iowa and throughout the Midwest, as well as in Louisiana and Georgia, and as far east as New Hampshire and New York.

How Effective Is EAB Treatment?

If all of the factors in the previous section are addressed quickly and correctly, EAB treatment’s effectiveness is 85 – 95 percent. In terms of cost, it is far less expensive to initiate EAB treatment than it is to remove a tree. Also, a successful treatment means you can enjoy the benefits and beauty of your trees for years to come, which is something you can’t put a price on.

What Are The Next Steps?

If one or more of your trees look unhealthy, or if EAB has been spotted in your area, contact our nearby landscape company today. We’ll inspect your tree for EAB and other pre-existing conditions. If your tree is confirmed to be a good candidate for preservation, we’ll move forward with a treatment plan and try to stay ahead of the disease.

Don’t Delay – Call Us Today

Spring is almost here, and it’s a good time for us to provide a seasonal tree disease treatment. Call us today and take full advantage of our expertise in EAB prevention and eradication.