Core aeration enriches your lawn in a number of ways, keeping it lush and healthy year-round. At Jay-Lan Lawn Care, this process is a popular item on our menu of professional lawn care services. Let’s take a look at what core aeration is, along with seven of its biggest benefits.

What Is Core Aeration?

Core aeration involves removing cores of soil from your lawn. This is done with a special aeration machine designed to remove cores that are around 1 – 3 inches long, and 5/8-inch in diameter. It’s a popular misconception that the cores are then removed from the lawn – on the contrary, the cores are left to cover the lawn, converting into a very beneficial topsoil once they’re broken down via rain, mowing, and sprinkling. The decomposition process takes a couple of weeks at most, and during this time the nutrients in the cores are fed back to your lawn’s roots, perpetuating a cycle of health.

Seven Benefits Of Core Aeration For Your Lawn

Every sound lawn care approach integrates core aeration. Earlier we mentioned the process’s seven biggest benefits, so let’s dive in right here in no particular order.

Water Runoff/Puddling Mitigation

Lots of lawns experience some level of water runoff or puddling after a thunderstorm. A core aeration alleviates these problems by giving the water easier passage into the soil and thence into your lawn’s roots.

Enhanced pH Modification

pH modification eschews lawn chemicals in favor of natural substances like sulfur and lime, introducing them to your lawn as a nutrient supplement. When a pH modification is done after a core aeration, these nutrients have an easier time of penetrating the soil profile and going deeper into the root zone, with the result being a greener, lusher lawn above-ground.

Anti-Thatch Properties

Thatch (dead grass that accumulates on a lawn) is natural, but too much of it can cause the living grass to miss out on vital nutrients and water. Enter core aeration, which brings with it decomposing microorganisms that break down thatch in a bottom-to-top approach.

Enhances Seeding

Seeding is something that virtually every lawn needs, and you can enhance its benefits by introducing a core aeration before and after you seed. With the exceptional cultivation foundation offered by core aeration, the seeds will have the optimum environment in which to grow and develop – an environment that’s moist and safe.

Lessens Soil Compaction

This is probably the most obvious benefit, since it involves basic physics. When something is compacted, it’s hard to reach what’s inside. Making holes in a compacted system relieve the pressure, and in the case of your lawn makes it easier for the roots to receive air, water, and fertilizer.

Seasonal Prep

Fall fertilization is vital before your lawn goes dormant for the winter, and the fertilization process is even more effective when you pair it with aeration. Nutrients will find it easier to soak in, helping the roots stay vibrant and healthy for when spring rolls around again.

Superior Lawn Health

If reduced soil compaction is the most obvious benefit, then superior lawn health is the best benefit. Core aeration significantly improves your lawn’s overall health, from the turf to the roots, and everywhere in-between,

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