The advantages to hiring a full-service lawn care provider are numerous, not least of which is the opportunity to build a strong relationship with a company that will support your lawn month after month, year after year. Jay-Lan Lawn Care considers several more reasons for making the move to full-service.  


As one of the premier lawn care services in Sioux City, and one that’s been a part of the community for more than four decades, we’ve developed a large customer base. As such, we’re able to purchase the latest, greatest professional-grade equipment and supplies and put these to work for our clients at a fraction of what it would cost for an individual to purchase the same items. For example, just for starters, a person would need to buy several rakes (one each for landscaping, thatching, lawn, and leaves), a ride mower (or two or three, depending on lawn size), leaf  tarps, silt spreaders, a power aerator, a leaf blower, and a leaf vacuum.

Of course, this equipment won’t run itself, so then you would need to gain the equivalent of 40 years of experience. This includes not just the art of mowing, trimming, landscaping, etc., but also weed control, the application of lawn chemicals, and much more. Our local lawn care company provides all of these things at a fraction of what they would cost to acquire, so from a budget standpoint hiring Jay-Lan Lawn Care is a no-brainer.

Time Savings

This is probably the number one reason why Siouxland residents hire a full-service lawn care provider.  With everything that modern life entails, rare is the person who has enough time to properly care for their lawn. Disregarding the fact that most people possess only a basic level of lawn care knowledge, you would need to invest an enormous amount of hours researching lawn treatment, application of fertilizer, and everything else your lawn requires. Then there’s the time spent shopping for materials (seed, mulch, etc.), and finally the weekly hours dedicated to maintaining your lawn. Contrast this with the speed at which you could contact our nearby lawn experts and get a quote, and it’s easy to see just how much time you’ll save working with us.


All of us at some point or another have thought about a certain job, say a lawyer or carpenter, and said to ourselves that we could do just as well. And sure, you might have the skills to build a mean birdhouse or talk your way out of a traffic ticket – but when things get serious, wouldn’t you rather ask a carpenter to build your house, or a lawyer to defend you in a lawsuit? The cost will be higher than a DIY scenario, but the results will be far more profitable. Same goes for lawn care: our expertise translates into a great-looking lawn and beautiful landscaping year-round.


Our lawn care service is licensed and insured, which renders you blame-free for any injuries or damages we incur. It also frees you from the responsibility of managing and storing fertilizer, chemicals, and other substances that in untrained hands could be dangerous to individuals and the environment.

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Hiring a full-service lawn care provider is a smart move, especially if you want your lawn tended to across all four seasons, in all weather conditions. Contact our lawn care company serving Sioux City and learn more about the variety of services and programs we offer, all tailored to your needs.