Tree pruning in Sioux City is a common sight every autumn, and Jay-Lan Lawn Care is one of the area’s most experienced pruners. Trusting your pruning needs to a professional landscaping company like ours is the best way to reap pruning’s many associated benefits.

Disease Treatment

Disease treatment and mitigation is one of the more underrated benefits associated with pruning and shrub removal. A professional pruner can identify the diseased parts of a tree and prune those parts in order to stop the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree. Also, depending on the nature and extent of the disease, pruning can help the tree heal faster.

It’s common for amateur DIY pruners to over-prune, especially when a tree is threatened by disease. Unfortunately, over-pruning has significant consequences: these range from stunting the growth of branches and leaves to killing the entire tree. This is a big reason why it’s important to pursue professional pruning near Sioux City, rather than try and DIY the job independently.

Dangerous Branch Removal

Dangerous branches are a year-long concern for every home and business owner, but especially so in the fall. Left unattended, branches can become loaded down with snow and ice when winter comes, posing an even bigger threat to people and property. A professional pruning service can quickly identify any dead or dying limbs and remove them before they become dislodged by wind, ice, or snow. And because some of these branches could be well above the ground, the inherent danger involved is one that should only be tackled by highly-trained professionals.

Beautify Your Yard

From an aesthetics point of view, the most important reason to have your trees pruned is to beautify your yard. Think of pruning as a haircut for your trees that vastly improves their appearance and ups the attractiveness of your lawn. Depending on the specific approach you want your tree pruner to take, you could completely change the look of your yard and embrace a new but equally-appealing appearance.

Better Sightlines

Every homeowner and office worker wants the best possible view from their window(s). However, neglecting to prune the trees will lead to overgrowth that eventually obstructs everyone’s favorite panorama. A Sioux City landscaping company like ours brings a professional touch to your pruning needs – one that prioritizes judicious trimming that establishes and maintains the ideal sightlines.

Promote Growth

We all want our trees to be perfect, but the truth is that every oak, pine, and birch has a limb or two that suffers from disease or poor growth. If these impaired limbs are left to their own devices, the tree will have to utilize its internal resources to support the limb, thus compromising development of the tree’s root system. However, by having these “bad” limbs pruned, you allow the tree to focus on what’s most important: strong, healthy growth.

From pruning and core aeration, to fertilizing and weed control, Jay-Lan Lawn Care offers a suite of top-quality lawn care services near Sioux City. Get a jump on your fall pruning needs by contacting us today for a free quote. Your trees will thank you.