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The Beginner’s Guide to Spring Lawn Care Service

Spring Lawn Care: What to Consider

The long winter brings all kinds of lawn care challenges once the spring thaw comes.

Snow Mold

Long winters can lead to snow mold, a lawn fungus that looks like cobwebs on your grass. Two varieties — white and gray — are unsightly but mostly harmless, while the pink variety will kill your grass. It’s easy enough to rake out, and the addition of fertilizer will help grass overgrow the mold. Just don’t add too much (it feeds the mold) and be aware that if you mow before treating, you can spread the spores.

Prepare Your Gear

Take your mower for service before the weather warms up, since the lines will be much longer by then. A lube and service, plus having the blades sharpened, will keep your mower in peak condition. Set your blade height to three or four inches (we’ll explain this below). This is also a good time to thoroughly clean and oil your spreader — especially if it’s done double-duty over the winter salting your walk and your driveway.

Feed and Fertilize

If you woke up from a months-long nap, you’d be starving. Your grass is no different. A feeding and application of fertilizer and lawn chemicals helps your lawn start off on the right foot. But before you do that, it’s a good idea to test the soil and see what nutrients it’s lacking; applying the right nutrients and fertilizer at the right time will give you great results later on.

Time to Mow!

Now that your grass is fed, rested, and ready, it’s time to mow. Many of you don’t like mowing — especially when the temperature climbs into the 80’s or starts pushing triple digits — and if you’ve adjusted your blade height as suggested above (or if you’ve over-fertilized) you’ll be doing it more often. Keeping the right grass height keeps it healthier and better-looking, however; cut it too short and it’ll burn, leaving your lawn yellowed. If your grass is too long and your lawn will be harder to maintain, less healthy, more susceptible to pests, and more prone to weeds.

Choosing the Right Lawn Care Service

If that sounds like a lot to take care of, that’s because it is a lot to take care of. You probably have better things to do with your time than Googling lawn care solutions for each issue, paying retail for supplies, and then spending time beautifying your lawn when you’d rather be spending time with your friends and family.

That’s when it pays to call a professional lawn care service. And not just any professional; Jay-Lan Lawn Care has more than four decades’ worth of experience tackling Sioux City homeowners’ most challenging lawn care problems. Think of what we can help you save: time, money, your sanity, and — especially — your lawn. In addition to keeping the grass greener on your side of the fence, we also provide core aeration, pest control, shrub and small tree feeding, as well as ornamental weed control.

If you’re all thumbs and none of them are green, we can lend a helping hand. Call 712-252-5252 today!