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Maintaining a lush, green, and beautiful lawn is important to many Sioux City, IA homeowners. It makes your lawn an excellent gathering place for family and friends, it increases the value of your property and adds a great amount of curb appeal to your house. One method of keeping your lawn green and healthy is to get an irrigation system installed. Professional irrigation systems keep your lawn looking healthy, and without one, your grass, trees, and garden can potentially struggle to obtain the proper amount of water. 

Here at Jay-Lan Lawn Care, two of our primary services are irrigation system installations and irrigation system repairs. In addition, we perform, core aeration, overseeding, lawn maintenance and much more. 

What Are the Types of Irrigation Systems?

If you choose to get an irrigation system installed on your lawn, you’ll likely find that there are multiple different types of systems. Here are some of the most common ones that we install and repair. 

Lawn Sprinkler System

If you have a poorly designed or ineffective lawn sprinkler system, your lawn’s health will suffer. Our professional landscapers can recommend a lawn sprinkler system that is right for the size and type of your lawn, and we will quickly and professionally install it. We design your irrigation treatments around your lawn’s unique features and parameters to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We’ll do things like set the water timers, adjust the nozzles and spray heads, and set the spray direction to maximize the system’s efficiency. 

Drip Irrigation System

Installing a drip irrigation system on your lawn is an effective way to get water to the roots. Drip irrigation systems are set up with a series of hoses that are buried by hand underneath the soil. They work by effectively reducing evaporation since the water is dispensed more slowly and right at the base of the plant. 

Different sized water emitters exist for different plants and flowers, so drip irrigation is an easy way to tailor your lawn irrigation for specific species. The main benefit of drip irrigation is that they help save water and prevent lawn pests and disease that love to breed or spread on damp leaves. 

Our Process

Here at Jay-Lan Lawn Care, our team of professional landscapers performs both irrigation system installations and repairs of existing irrigation systems. Whether you require repair or installation, a team member will come out to your house to consider the following elements:

  • The type and shape of your lawn
  • Your landscaping type and design
  • The type of soil in your lawn
  • Water requirements
  • The overall size of your lawn and landscape
  • The size of each garden or flower bed

After considering those elements, we provide an estimate and perform the repairs or installation if desired.

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