Why Use Professional Lawn Care Services

We can see how doing it yourself would be tempting.

With so many DIY lawn maintenance options out there, we can see how doing it yourself would be tempting. Choosing to take on complex lawn care services yourself, however, can come with frustration, expenses, and drawbacks. Here at Jay-Lan, we recommend professional services for the following reasons:

Save Time

Properly researching your lawn’s seeding, fertilizer, and pest control needs can take significant time. Implementing the solutions to manage those needs will take even more time than the research, and is a process that will continue indefinitely. Hiring a commercial or residential lawn care company to evaluate and maintain your lawn will save you countless hours of your precious time.

Save Money

It seems odd to say that paying for something will save you money, but in this case it makes sense. To properly fertilize, aerate, and apply lawn chemicals, you will need to purchase costly equipment that requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

Pay For Expert-Quality Lawn Care

Jay-Lan Lawn Care has over 40 years of experience. This means that our technicians are well-versed in lawn chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, local climate, local soil, and regional growing seasons. Paying for an expert eye can prevent dangerous lawn chemical mistakes and wasted effort due to lack of lawn care knowledge.

Pay For Expert-Quality Lawn Care

The team at Jay-Lan is trained, licensed, and fully insured. This adds a dependable layer of protection on both the lawn care company and yourself. Lawn care consists of a lot more than sprinkling fertilizer and can have dangerous or expensive implications if approached with inexperience.

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