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Looking for help eliminating unwanted plants, weeds, and other vegetation from your space?

As practiced by Jay-Lan Lawn Care, total vegetation control is the process of eliminating unwanted plants, weeds, and other vegetation from a commercial or residential space. Though it may seem like something you can handle on your own with a trimmer and some shears, you’ll save plenty of time and money by hiring our professional lawn care company serving Sioux City.

Total Vegetation Control – A Breakdown

Total vegetation control has several different facets, with the overall goal of maintaining and enhancing the aesthetics and health of the desired vegetation while safely removing the undesired elements.


Weeds are all-around bad for a garden or yard. From an aesthetic perspective, they’ll squeeze out desirable plants and flowers and gobble up the space reserved for a carefully planned display. This is as big a problem for homeowners as it is for commercial spaces – for example, a hotel that integrates pristine landscaping plots, or a row of townhouses for sale. In such situations, total vegetation control in Sioux City ensures that weeds aren’t given a chance to promulgate.


For people, unwanted vegetation can pose a safety hazard. For example, an overgrowth that covers up an important road sign that drivers need to see. Or in a more personal setting, a clump of weeds in a yard that makes it difficult for children to see potentially dangerous rocks or tree roots.

For lawns and gardens, undesired foliage is designated as “competing vegetation”. Weeds that sprout up near important plants will waste no time stealing resources like water, sunlight, and vitamins, thereby stunting the growth of plants and flowers.

Methods of Vegetation Control

The extent of total vegetation control depends on the size and location of the space, as well as the types and quantity of unwanted plants. The three main methods used are mowing, trimming, and chemical.

Mowing and Trimming

The larger the “control project”, the more likely it is that mowing/trimming will be preferred over chemicals. For example, if you’re faced with several huge overgrowths of weeds that are spread over a large space, it’s much easier, cheaper, and safer to mow these problem areas. Mowing and trimming is also the go-to solution for the yards of homes where children and pets play.

Chemical Control

When chemicals are integrated into a total vegetation control regimen, it’s almost always with the intent of quickening, stopping, or altering the normal growth patterns of the unwanted plants. The goal with chemicals is to either dry out or cause the plant to drop its leaves – as such, it’s important to choose the right product, since the wrong one could also ruin the plants you want to keep.

The Benefits Of Working With Jay-Lan Lawn Care

Jay-Lan Lawn Care offers more than 40 years of experience in vegetation control and regional growing seasons, as well as local climate and soil. Our trained, licensed, and fully insured lawn care experts will help you avoid costly mistakes related to misuse of chemicals, harmful mowing/trimming practices, and much more. Consider us a trusted resource who is happy to provide advice over the phone or attack a project in person. There’s a lot more to lawn care than sprinkling fertilizer mowing the grass, and hundreds of Sioux City homeowners have come to value our expertise.

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