Choosing the Right Lawn Care Service Provider

Why Hire a Lawn Care Company?

Nearly anyone can mow grass. But there’s more to an attractive lawn than just keeping the grass manicured, just like there’s more to keeping yourself looking good than getting the occasional haircut. Just like you, your lawn looks better when it’s healthy and well-fed. We’ve seen well-intentioned homeowners cause serious damage by overfeeding, over-fertilizing, or doing all the right things at all the wrong times. We’ve also helped countless families who wanted a healthy lawn but had the health of their kids and pets top of mind. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help!

What Should You Look For?

Finding a lawn care service is easy. Finding the right lawn care service, however, is a bit more challenging. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you open your browser or dust off the Yellow Pages.

Determine Your Needs

Some people find lawn care therapeutic, or enjoy the exercise. Others want a green lawn with as little work on their part as possible. Figure out where you fall on this spectrum, since that will determine the kinds of services you’re looking for, and the businesses that will be on your short list.

Determine Your Budget

Research the kinds of product you’d be using if you did this yourself. List the equipment you’d have to buy to do it right. Finally, consider the time you’re spending and give that a value. After all, if you’re self-employed or just want to spend more time with your family, your time is money too. Once you’ve got a dollar amount, you can compare providers’ prices against your budget. If you see a price that’s much higher or lower than others you’re finding in your area, ask why; also don’t be afraid to negotiate.

See What Others are Saying

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you check the business’s reviews. Ask around to see if any of your friends or neighbors have used the business. Also make sure they have the proper permits for lawn chemicals, fertilizer, and anything else they’re using for lawn treatment; Iowa laws for a lawn care service are much different than they are for homeowners.

The Contract is Not the End

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that no two lawns are alike, and some lawns may need adjustments over time to truly thrive. Let us know how your lawn is doing, especially if you see a problem. Communication is as vital after you’ve hired us as it was when you were doing your research, because just like you, we want the best results possible!

Lawn treatment is both art and science, but you don’t have to be an artist or a scientist to have a great-looking lawn or choose the right lawn care service provider. You only have to do your homework. Why not start with a call to Jay-Lan Lawn Care for a free consultation?