Common Items You Should Include in Your Lawn Care Services


Soil gets compacted over time thanks to a number of factors. Foot traffic, kids at play, and heavy precipitation (especially a winter’s worth of snowfall) compacts the soil. The problem is especially pronounced in areas with a high clay content in the soil; at some point, the soil acts more like concrete than dirt.

The elements that would otherwise keep your lawn healthy can’t penetrate as deeply in compacted soil, leading to unhealthy grass. Core aeration loosens compacted soil so that whatever grows atop it gets full access to life-giving nutrients, water, and air.


When animals wake up from hibernation, they’re thin and hungry. Your grass “hibernates” in cold weather as well, and when the thaw comes it’s sometimes the worse for wear. It may also be waking up to a bare cupboard, since each season’s activity drains nutrients from the soil.

It’s also important to note that like you, your grass doesn’t just eat once. That’s why we fertilize after aeration and then return throughout the year for additional fertilizer treatments. Keeping to a proper schedule is important, since fertilizer works best when it’s neither too cold nor too hot out.


Even the best-loved lawns can be prone to bare spots from time to time. Salt from the road and your driveway can cause damage, as can snow mold. You may also have missed some bare patches from last year, caused by sun damage, pets, high foot traffic, or excessive raking. As with the other services we offer, timing is important when it comes to overseeding. Moisture needs to be adequate but not excessive, and certain lawn chemicals will need to be avoided for up to 60 days while the grass takes root.

Weed Control

You want a green lawn, but some shades of green — the ones brought by weeds — you could definitely do without. Dandelions, crabgrass, foxleaf, and other common weeds are bad news not only because they look ugly, but also because they’re robbing your grass of space and nutrients.

You might be tempted to get a bottle of weed killer at the hardware store, but remember that you could end up killing grass, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and many other plants that keep your lawn looking gorgeous. All it takes is too much liquid, a simple mistake, or a change in wind direction. So weed control is one job best left to the experts.

It’s never too late to take better care of your lawn. If you live in the Sioux Falls area, help is always a phone call away. Contact us at 712-252-5252 and take advantage of the Jay-Lan Five Step Lawn Care Program!