Common Lawn Pests to Watch Out For

Common Pests

Some insects are harmless, or even beneficial. Ladybugs, bees, and even certain species of beetles and wasps can help keep your lawn and garden healthy. However, other common critters look at the green expanse around your home and see an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  • Aphids feed on sap and leaves, injecting plants with toxins that inhibit growth or even kill the plants on which they’re feeding.
  • Beetles exist in many species. Some are beneficial (they prey on other beetles), but others can decimate leafy plants. Japanese beetles are especially indiscriminate, and will feed on anything leafy.
  • Grubs are beetle larvae that eat grass at the root. That can cause large patches of grass that look sun-burnt and damaged. Their feeding habits make them hard to get rid of.
  • Moles aren’t herbivores. They eat insects and grubs, but their tunneling — up to 150 feet per day — undermines root systems and damages lawns.

These are just a few of the dozens of species Iowa homeowners deal with annually. Ash-lilac borers, cabbage maggots, fire ants, caterpillars, and dozens of other species can set up housekeeping in your yard if you’re not diligent about pest control.

Exterminator or Lawn Care Pro?

As far as we know, insects aren’t all that bright. You can’t simply put a tiny sign at the door, or tape a little placard to the window, and tell them to stay outdoors. They’ll hitch a ride on your socks, or just tag along on your kids or pets, and invite themselves in any old time. Before you know it, you’re finding beetles in your sock drawer, ticks in your bed, and centipedes eyeballing you while you shower.

So if you have an indoor pest problem, you may want to call your Siouxland lawn care professionals before calling your exterminator. After all, if you don’t address the issue at the source, you’re going to keep having the same problems. It’s not just about having a healthy lawn — you also want a healthy home!

Solving Lawn Pest Problems

Many homeowners try to solve lawn pest infestations on their own only to find that it’s time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective to boot. The time you spend Googling solutions, the money you spend on pesticides, and the additional money you all too often have to spend to fix a botched job are all better spent. Pick up the phone and call Jay-Lan Lawn Care. We serve the Siouxland area with professionalism, the best lawn care programs, and years’ worth of experience. Call us today!