Does Your Lawn Need Aeration in Sioux City?

  • Signs of Dying Grass in Sioux City

Sometimes when Sioux City homeowners assume their grass is dead, it is, in fact, simply dormant. Here are some ways to determine if your grass can be revived. 

  • Tug test: Dead blades will pull out easily because they have lost their rooting. Dormant grass hangs on and requires more effort to remove. 
  • Patterns: If your grass is dormant, it will likely uniform across your entire lawn because the problem is due to water or temperature problems. However, if you have patchy spots, these are more likely dead, because they were caused by separate issues like bugs, chemicals, or pets. 
  • Response to watering: If your grass is simply dormant, watering will help to wake it up and continue growing again. However, if introducing water does nothing, it is likely dead. 

Core Aeration Benefits

If you’re wondering how to revive dead grass, one of the first answers that an experienced lawn care provider will give is aeration. To survive your grass requires water, nutrients, and air. Even though there is no shortage of air outside, sometimes it struggles to reach the roots of your grass. The reason this occurs is soil compaction, which is when the densely compacted dirt, thatch, and grass is too thick for the air to penetrate. Without necessary air, the grass fails to grow and may find itself dormant or even dead. 

How aeration helps is that it involves creating holes in the ground for the air, as well as any topical fertilizers and water, to get where they need to be at the roots of the grass. 

Best Time To Aerate Your Iowa Lawn

Aeration is most effective when it correlates with a lawn’s peak time for growth, which is early spring for cooler climate lawns and late spring or early summer for warmer climate lawns. The aeration process should occur when the lawn’s soil is still moist from a recent rainfall or irrigation the previous day. But the key is to make sure you do not aerate an overly wet lawn will produce the best results. After professional aeration services are completed by a Sioux City lawn care company, the lawn grass recovers quickly and grows rapidly, making the dead spots disappear. You should let the soil dry where it lies after your lawn aeration service

How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn

Sioux City homeowners see healthy lawns from annual aerations. However, depending on the soil and hatch buildup, your lawn could benefit from aerations once every three years!

Get in Touch with Professional Lawn Aeration Company

If you determine that your lawn needs revitalization via aeration, contact our lawn care professionals. One of our applicators will come and measure the lawn. After measuring, pricing is established per application. The applicator can also suggest what they think is best from our five-step program. 

If you decide to prepay, you will receive a discount of 7%. That way, you can see the savings they could have right away. To get your free quote, call (712) 252-5252.