How to control lawn pests

Don’t Let Pests Get The Best Of Your Lawn

Lawn Pests – Overview

A number of insects have the potential to damage a homeowner’s lawn. The problems they cause are varied: some insects suck the vital juices from plants, while others infest the soil and attack the grass’s roots, causing the lawn to turn brown and die. There are also insects that enjoy nibbling away at the leaves and stems of garden and lawn plants, as well as bugs that broaden their repertoire by also constructing ugly mounds wherever they see fit.

Pests That Damage Soil/Roots

When discussing lawn pests, this category has arguably the most members, and all of them have their own particular way of damaging a lawn’s soil and roots. Take the white grub, for example. They’re able to dwell in the ground from 10 months – 2 years, living close to the surface when it’s warm and burrowing deeper when it’s cold. These pests burrow around grass roots and commence feeding on them – and since this can occur within an inch of the surface, it’s common for skunks, birds, and other animals to tear up a lawn in pursuit of a meal.

Without contacting our local lawn care company and utilizing the latest lawn pesticides in Sioux City, white grubs can not only turn your lawn brown and eventually kill it, they also contribute to your grass turf being torn apart by hungry predators.

Pests That Suck Plant Juice

One of the most prolific plant-juice suckers is the mite. There are several species proven harmful to grass, notably the chinch bug, which uses its piercing/sucking mouth to quickly drain grass of important juices. The first sign of a chinch bug problem is yellowish spotting on the lawn. If not addressed immediately, the lawn will soon turn brown and die. Another problem-causer is the Banks grass mite, which is prevalent throughout most of the country. On occasion these pests will attack lawns, but their primary objective is to deplete the juices of your lawn/garden-enhancing plants. The more sap they draw from a plant, the more the plant’s leaves will become blotched and stippled, until eventually the plant dies.

Why You Need Professional Lawn Care

As much as our nearby lawn care company appreciates the DIY spirit, certain projects fall well outside the DIY sphere. Lawn pest control is one such project. There are simply too many pests to counteract, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. As such, each necessitates a specific game plan in terms of the type of prevention used, the time of year it’s employed, and how frequently it must be used in order to eradicate the pest(s) and restore a lawn to full health.

Effective Pest Control and More

Countless homeowners in Iowa entrust their lawn care services near Sioux City to Jay-Lan Lawn Care. From pest control and weed control, to fertilizing and seeding, our experienced team has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s get started with protecting your lawn.