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Early Fall Lawn Care Tips : Ensure The Health of Your Yard

Modified Mowing

Until the first hard frost hits the Siouxland, your grass will continue to grow and you should continue to mow. The key is achieving the right grass height, which is around 2.5 – 3 inches. If the grass is cut too short in early fall, you risk compromising the lawn’s resiliency to dry, cold winter weather. This happens because root depth is proportional to grass height, meaning that your lawn’s root system won’t be as deep or developed, and therefore at risk during wintertime. Letting the grass get too long also causes problems – specifically, your lawn is liable to acquire a mat-like consistency in which harmful fungi (i.e. snow mold) can grow.

Mowing your grass to the right height in early fall also brings the added benefit of dicing up the leaves deposited on your lawn, turning them into a fertile mulch that enriches the soil.

Keep Watering

Another important factor in effective fall lawn care treatment is regular watering. Many homeowners rightly believe that the water generated by increased autumn rain and dew, coupled with cooling temperatures, equates to slower ground evaporation. However, this combination alone will likely not be enough to keep your lawn properly hydrated. In fact, even in the fall a lawn requires at least an inch of water every week. Our local lawn care company recommends using a rain gauge to track weekly precipitation and game-plan accordingly. Chances are though, you’ll end up with your sprinklers/irrigation system active until late October, when cold temps will necessitate disconnecting your system to avoid dealing with frozen hoses, spigots, etc.

Timely Aeration

Even though a lawn only needs to be aerated every two years or so, it’s important not to miss this step. If you do, your grass is liable to acquire a covering of thatch (stems, roots, and other organic debris) that spreads across your lawn and prevents it from getting the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs to thrive. Instead, talk with our nearby lawn care company about core aeration, a process whereby holes are punched in the turf, and the resulting soil plugs are removed. A professional aeration allows your grass, from its tips to its roots, to receive all of the beneficial substances it needs.


After a core aeration is the perfect time to give your lawn the early-fall fertilization it needs to make it through the winter and re-blossom again in spring. Fertilizer protects the lawn’s roots from freezing, and invigorates the grass with the energy it requires during dormancy. The key ingredients of any good fertilizer are phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which together deliver advantages like drought and cold resistance, as well as disease protection.

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Time flies, and fall will be here before you know it. Sound lawn maintenance in Sioux City is a year-round commitment, and one that Jay-Lan Lawn Care can help you with. Contact us today to discuss our early-fall lawn care program, get a free quote, and ensure your grass is ready for winter.