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Early Summer Lawn Care Tips

With summer comes long days spent basking in the sun and having fun with your loved ones. This season can also be quite frustrating, since the heat can put strain on your lawn. No matter what kind of grass you have, you need to properly prepare your lawn for the summer so you can have a beautiful, green lawn that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best ways to care for your lawn so it’s always healthy and gorgeous. From dealing with weeds to lawn fertilizing, there are many things to sort out, and we’ll discuss the most important factors you have to make your priority.

Early Summer Lawn Care Tips

Although there is a difference in the care that cool- and warm-season grasses need, there are three processes that will apply to them all. You can do the following to make sure your grass is healthy before summer arrives:

Remove Thatch

Chances are your lawn has a thick thatch—a layer of weeds, dead grass, and debris that lies at the base of the grass. Remove thatch with a rake and dispose of it so your lawn can get the nutrients it needs without obstruction.

Prepare for Foot Traffic

Summer means more people moving about outside, so you should consider building walkways so busy feet aren’t messing up your lawn too much.

Clean Thoroughly

In addition to removing thatch, you should also clean your lawn by removing leaves, twigs, and any other debris lying around. A messy lawn is a stressed lawn, and it won’t grow as it should.

It’s important that you also give your grass enough water and never forget the value of lawn fertilizing. Make sure you use high-quality fertilizer, so you give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy.

Summer Lawn Preparation for All Grasses

Once summer is here, you need to continuously take care of your lawn so it’s able to deal with the heat. While preparing for summer is good, you shouldn’t neglect your garden once it arrives. Here are two very important considerations to keep in mind.

Treat for Grubs

Grubs can be a big headache for gardeners, and they’re a nightmare for healthy lawns. These critters can munch their way through your grass roots, which will result in dead patches, so you need to treat your lawn as soon as possible if grubs are a concern for you.

Watch for Weeds

Weeds—the eternal nemesis of gardens everywhere. Don’t let weeds ruin your garden and lawn. Weeds can quickly overrun your garden, so you need to sort them out as soon as you notice them. Inspect your lawn every week for signs of weeds and swiftly pull them out. If you have to, invest in a reliable herbicide that won’t damage your grass.

Lawn Fertilizing Services in Sioux City

Taking care of your lawn before summer rolls in will ensure its health and you’ll have a stunning lawn the entire season. If you need a little help with lawn fertilizing the right way, reach out to Jay-Lan Lawn Care and get a FREE quote today! You deserve a gorgeous lawn and, with our expert team’s assistance, that’s just what you’ll get.