How Often to Water Sioux City Lawns

Here at Jay-Lan Lawn Care, our team of lawn care specialists offers a lawn program where we do all the watering and lawn care for you. This is a guide to how often we will water your lawn and why it is so important. 

Watering in the Summer

As the summer is the hottest and sunniest season here in the Sioux City area, your lawn requires more water than usual to stay healthy. First of all, you’re likely to get the best results if you water your lawn early in the morning, from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Why is this the case? Watering during the cooler summer mornings means that more of the water will reach the roots and less will evaporate away. On the other hand, watering in the evening is the worst time to water. 

As far as frequency goes, a general rule is that here in Iowa, lawns should receive about 1 to 1.5 inches of water every week during the summer. Instead of waterlogging your lawn and doing all the watering once every week, consider spreading your watering sessions to around three times per week. Also, remember that the 1 to 1.5 inches of water can come from rainfall, so if you’ve been getting a lot of rain, it may not be necessary to water at all. 

Finally, people wonder whether it is preferred to water with a hose or a sprinkler. The short answer is, if you have a sprinkler, use it, making sure it covers your entire lawn. While you can certainly hose off your entire lawn, it creates a lot more work. 

Watering in the Fall

When the fall hits, continue watering as you did during the summer. The cool-season grasses that grow here in Iowa need water more than ever during the fall season because it is the growing season. Don’t stop watering the lawn as often as you did in the summer until the ground freezes, which typically occurs in late October or early November. 

Why Does it Matter?

If you choose not to water your lawn in Iowa, the grass may not die completely, but it will likely turn brown and look unappealing. If we experience drought conditions, then the grass can die out, at which point you will need to replant new grass seed. 

Jay-Lan Lawn Care Program

Here at Jay-Lan Lawn Care, we know that this is a lot to think about. If you’d rather leave the watering to us, we have a five-step lawn care program, where we take care of your watering and other lawn maintenance. 

To learn more about our lawn care program, contact us at 712-252-5252.