recycling grass clippings

How to Recycle Grass Clippings in Sioux City

What You Should Do With Grass Clippings

Sometimes leaving grass clippings on the lawn is recommended, but there are exceptions. In general, grass clippings of an inch or less in length can be left on the lawn where they will filter down to the soil surface and quickly decompose. However, any clippings that are longer than an inch should be removed because they can shade or smother grass, both of which cause lawn damage. Also, if your lawn is heavily infested with diseases such as leaf spot, rust, or dollar spot, the clippings should be removed to reduce disease severity. If the clippings land in your gutter or curb area, be sure to sweep them up, as they can block storm drains. 

You have a few options of what to do with these longer clippings that are removed from the lawn, but be sure not to bag them up and throw them away. 

Use Clippings as Mulch

The first way you can use grasscycling clippings is to use them as mulch. Putting mulch around flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees helps to reduce weeds, conserve moisture, and moderate soil temperatures. Grass clippings make for an excellent mulch option, given that:

  • Clippings are dry
  • The lawn wasn’t recently treated with a herbicide
  • Under two inches of clippings are applied at a time

Composting Clippings

Another option for what to do with your clippings is to add them to your lawn’s compost pile. Composting involves mixing grass clippings and other plant materials with a small amount of soil containing microorganisms that decompose organic matter. Grass clippings should be mixed with dry materials such as leaves or straw in your composting pile. 

Benefits of Recycling

Many benefits go along with recycling your grass clippings, also known as grasscycling benefits

      • Clippings are a valuable source of nutrients, and you can use less nitrogen fertilizer if you recycle clippings to the lawn. 
      • You’re not filling up the local landfill with green waste from your yard. 
      • You’re not stopping to empty your mower bag every time it gets filled up. 
      • Grasscycling holds in moisture, adding nitrogen to the soil, and preventing the growth of thatch. 

Sioux City Lawn Care Professionals

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