Pet-Friendly Lawn Treatments To Prevent Pests

Organic Insecticides

The word “organic” is ubiquitous these days, and it certainly applies to the lawn care industry. With news coming out almost daily regarding the negative impact that chemical insecticides have on humans, pets, and the environment, it’s essential that your lawn care company avoid harmful lawn chemicals and use only safe, organic insecticides. That’s exactly what our lawn firm serving Siouxland does, incorporating solutions like Diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is a naturally-occurring sedimentary rock that is crushed into powder and sprinkled on a lawn. This impressive, Earth-born insecticide is perfectly safe around kids and animals, but deadly for pests like ticks, cockroaches, and fleas.

Yard Care

Along with organic insecticides, taking the right approach to yard maintenance can be a big deterrent to harmful pests. Expert yard not only ensures the aesthetics of your home, but contributes to insect control and grub control. For example, finding the balance between a well-irrigated lawn and one that’s oversaturated with water mean less puddles and moist spots for fleas and mosquitos to multiply. Likewise, consistent bush trimming and regular removal of heavy growth and brush will discourage termites and carpenter ants from taking root. Also, as anyone who has walked through a field knows, insects of all varieties love lurking in weeds and tall grass. By mowing the lawn regularly, we deny these bugs the tall grass they congregate in, especially in the hot summer months.

Another important step is to keep the lawn clutter-free. This means removing aluminum cans, tires, trash, old furniture, etc. – anything where water can pool and thus serve as a congregation point for a multitude of bugs.

Bring On The Predators

Insects love preying on humans and pets, so why not turn the tables? Gardeners nationwide share a common belief that ridding one’s lawn of pests requires the presence of these pests’ natural predators. Birds love to feast on insects, so why not build a birdhouse within your lawn/garden? Frogs and toads are always hungry for ticks, mosquitos, and fleas, so it’s a good idea to put a toad house or two around your lawn. Ladybugs are another predator you should welcome to your lawn.

On a much smaller scale, another biological pest control solution to embrace are nematodes: microscopic roundworms that love soil and are parasitic to all of the pests we’ve mentioned above.

Call the Siouxland Lawn Care Professionals

The best solution to maintaining a lawn that’s safe for humans and pets is a combination of all three treatments discussed here. Count on Jay-Lan Lawn Care to maintain your yard and apply the right organic insecticides. At the same time, welcome the presence of birds, ladybugs, frogs, and microbes that will exercise insect control in the way that nature intends.