preparing your lawn for the fall season

Preparing Your Lawn for the Fall

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Jay-Lan Lawn Care is a Sioux City, IA lawn maintenance company that helps homeowners and business owners keep their lawns strong and vibrant no matter the season. In order to get a beautiful lawn next spring, follow these fall lawn care tips from Jay-Lan Lawn Care.

Leaf Removal

The first step of residential lawn care in Sioux City during the fall is to remove the leaves that inevitably cover your lawn. While colorful autumn leaves may look pretty, they are not healthy for grass. They block the light and trap moisture, both of which can harm the turf underneath. When they fall onto your lawn, be sure to rake them or blow them away as soon as possible.

Keep Mowing the Lawn

While it may be tempting to put the mower away when the air turns crisp, grass continues to grow until the first hard frost. Ideally, in the fall, the grass should be cut to around three inches high. If you let it grow too long, it will be vulnerable to harmful fungi such as snow mold. On the other hand, if you cut it too short, it hurts the root system and the lawn’s ability to withstand winter cold.

Don’t Stop Watering

One thing that our company providing lawn care services in Sioux City notices is that some people stop watering the grass in the fall. If your lawn isn’t getting at least one inch of water per week, whether that’s through rainfall or watering, the grass roots might not stay hydrated. Keep sprinklers running through October, at which point you can disconnect the hoses to avoid frozen pipes.

Loosen the Soil

Aerating the soil once every couple of years prevents soil from becoming compacted and covered with thatch. If the soil is not aerated, a thick layer or stems, roots, and debris can grow over it, preventing nutrients from getting in. Before fertilizing, aerate the lawn so that the fertilizer can reach the roots and provide maximum benefit.


Fertilizing the lawn before winter hits gives your grass an influx of the plant sugars that it needs to survive the cold temperatures. Not only does fertilizer prevent the roots from freezing, it also will help the grass bounce back to life in the spring.

Spread Seed

Fall is the best time to overseed your lawn because the ground is still warm, moisture is plentiful, and nights are cool. Because overseeding requires a delicate balance, it is best to contact a local lawn care company to complete this task.

Sioux City, IA Lawn Care Company

Preparing your lawn for the fall is a lot of work. Instead of undertaking the endeavor yourself, it is easier to contact the experts at Jay-Lan Lawn Care to do it for you. We have been serving the Siouxland region with premium fertilizer and lawn care services for over 40 years, and we are happy to complete your fall lawn care routine. Call now at (712) 252-5252 to book with lawn care experts near you.