What Do Grubs Turn Into in Sioux City?

At Jay-Lan Lawn Care, our experts are happy to answer the question, what do grubs turn into? The short answer is that they turn into various species of beetles. The good news is that they can be treated, with the help of an insecticide program applied by our Sioux City lawn care company. 

What Are Brown Grubs?

Though some people say that grubs are brown, the vast majority of the grubs that we see in Sioux City are white. Lawn grubs, also known as white grubs, are the immature form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetles, June bugs, or European chafers. These small, white, C-shaped insects have soft bodies with legs near their head. They feed on the roots of your grass, causing sections of the lawn to die. Eventually, grubs turn into adult beetles and emerge from your soil to mate and lay eggs. 

How Long Does it Take for A Grub to Turn Into a Beetle?

As larvae, grubs eat grass to fuel their transition into adult beetles. For most insects, this process takes about 12 months. June beetles then live for three years, while other types of scarab beetles live for about 12 months. 

How to Kill Grubs

If your lawn is infested with grubs, you may be tempted to simply apply insecticide to end the infestation. However, insecticides need to be ingested, so for them to be effective, they need to be applied when grubs are feeding. Because grub feeding season lasts from June to September, this is the time of year when they should be treated by our Sioux City lawn care company. 

Putting insecticides down at the wrong time of year can cause unintended consequences. You could end up killing off beneficial insects such as ladybugs and the bees who pollinate your flower beds. The worst part of all is that you’ll be spending time and money on something that likely will not solve your problem. 

How We Can Help

At Jay-Law Lawn Care, we specialize in insect control, particularly grub control. We properly time our lawn care services, applying pesticide from June to September when the grubs have hatched and are feeding. 

Incesticide application can also be a part of our Five-Step Lawn Care Program. One of our applicators will come and measure your lawn. We can make it accommodating to meet you to answer any questions they may have. After measuring, insecticide application pricing is established per application. We also offer a prepay discount of seven percent. 

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