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What Is Included in a Lawn Care Program and Why You Need One

Taking care of your lawn can be a lot of hard work and is something you’ll have to dedicate time to. If you’re very busy or often not home but want a lovely, green, and healthy lawn, you may need to hire residential lawn services to help you out.

If you have a really big plot or a business with a lawn that you need to look as good as possible, commercial lawn services may be a better option.

Whatever the case, if you want professional lawn care services to help you ensure that your grass and garden are as healthy as can be, you may be wondering about which services in your area to choose.

Stick around, because in this article we’ll discuss what is a lawn care program and why you should consider Jay-Lan to take care of your lawn.

What Is a Lawn Care Program?

A lawn care program is essentially a series of tasks that are completed to ensure that your lawn is healthy and looks stunning all year long. Professional lawn care programs offer different services depending on what you need and where you live.

Typically, a lawn care program consists of cutting grass, seeding, aerating, ensuring the grass is healthy, and similar services.

You can expect the following additional services to be offered as well:

Broadleaf Weed Control

This program will help you take care of broadleaf weeds.

Industrial and Commercial Weed Management

This is a one-time application that takes place in spring and is able to prevent excessive weed growth.

Lawn Insect Control

Pests can be a lawn’s biggest enemy, so lawn insect control is a great service to have for your lawn and prevent unhealthy grass growth.

Lawn Grassy Weed Control

Commercial and residential lawns often have the wrong kind of grass growing, which interferes with the grass that should be growing. With the use of herbicides, these grassy weeds can be taken care of.

The Jay-Lan Five-Step Lawn Care Program

Jay-Lan Lawn Care has a team of experienced experts who know exactly how to take care of big and small lawns. Our professional programs are designed to meet all your lawn’s needs and ensure healthy growth.

With our five-step program, your lawn is given a head start to become lush, green, and beautifully healthy.

Step One: Early Spring

During this step, we apply balanced fertilizer and take care of broadleaf weeds as necessary.

Step Two: Late Spring

Our team will apply fertilizer again, and once more take care of weeds.

Step Three: Early Summer

As soon as summer rolls around, we’ll apply another layer of balanced fertilizer to encourage healthy lawn growth.

Step Four: Late Summer/Early Fall

This step sees our team taking care of broadleaf weeds again if necessary, and applying balanced fertilizer.

Step Five: Late Fall

During the last bit of fall, we’ll use heavy-rate granular fertilizer that will promote healthy root development.

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