When It Comes to Grub Control, Timing is Everything

What Are Grubs?

Grubs look like worms, but they’re not. They’re actually insect larvae that tunneled into the soil back in the fall, hibernated through the winter, and will mature into various species of beetles. If you’re seeing them in the spring, they’re actually at the midpoint of their year-long lifecycle when they’re hardest to kill; that’s because insecticides need to be ingested, and this isn’t the time of year that they feed.

Spotting Grubs

Grubs feed on roots, which can make them difficult to spot. That said, they do leave some telltale signs behind. One is patches of dead grass. Because they’re underground, diligently munching away at the grass roots, you’ll find areas where it looks like the sun has scorched your lawn. That’s often where you’ll find a mass of fat and happy grubs.

Dealing with Grubs

So if your grass has turned into the wrong kind of grub hub, you should be able to apply some insecticide and get it over with, right?

Not so fast.

As we mentioned above, insecticides need to be ingested. Therefore, to be effective, they need to be ingested while grubs are feeding. This actually takes place between July and September. Putting insecticide down at the wrong time can cause unintended problems. You’ll end up killing off beneficial insects like ladybugs, whose diet is the aphids that eat your perennials, and the bees who pollinate your flower beds.

Worst of all, you’ll be spending time and money on something that won’t even solve your problem. You’ll kill off a handful of grubs, but most will survive and mature into beetles.

Siouxland Pest Control

So the right time to deal with this year’s grubs was last year (sorry). That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, however. Because beetles mate and create the next crop of grubs in midsummer, you’ve got time to plan ahead and prevent next year’s bumper crop of pests. We time our lawn care services, applying pesticide in late summer when grubs have hatched and are feeding aggressively.  

Professional Pest Control from Jay-Lan Lawn Care

Of course, grubs (and the adult beetles they grow into) are only one of the many types of insects that can plague your lawn and keep it from looking beautiful. And as we’ve already seen, it’s not just your grass that suffers. Other plants — and even your pets and kids — can be endangered by these pests. Some of them can even make their way indoors and wreak even more havoc.

While the timing is sometimes complex, the solution is simple. Call Jay-Lan Lawn Care. We have the knowledge and tools — and the experience to maximize both — to ensure that your lawn always looks great. Contact us today to see how we can help.