Core aeration is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn. Most people know that it offers some great benefits, but not many understand exactly what core aeration entails. Jay-Lan Lawn Care takes a closer look.

Core Aeration: an Overview

Core aeration is the process of removing cores (or plugs) of soil from a lawn. To do this properly, our lawn care service near Sioux City uses a machine called a lawn aerator. This device penetrates the soil and removes the aforementioned plugs, leaving behind holes that range from ½-inch – ¾-inch in diameter. With the plugs removed, soil compaction is reduced, allowing more water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil and support your lawn’s growth and overall health.

A similar process called spike aeration involves punching spike into the lawn. However, our local lawn experts recommend core aeration because the bigger holes help your lawn to get more of the resources it needs.

Manual core aerators are available, but our power devices are faster and easier to use.

How Do We Aerate a Lawn?

A lawn is best aerated in spring or fall when the ground is moist and the aeration process isn’t slowed by hard soil. Also, the grass should be as short as possible so that the soil can be extracted quickly and completely. For this reason, we’ll mow your lawn first, with the aeration performed in the mower’s wake so that we’re taking advantage of optimum conditions. Another reason to aerate in short-grass conditions is that the core plugs are left on the grass, where they’ll begin to break down after the first time your lawn is mowed post-aeration. As the plugs break down, microorganisms are released that will eat any thatch (dry/dead grass and roots) that’s present.

Depending on the size and composition of your lawn, you might benefit from core aeration twice a year. This is something we can discuss once you’ve signed on for our lawn care services near Sioux City. We’ll also confirm whether you have any underground sprinkler or septic apparatus that should be avoided during core aeration.

What Benefits Does Core Aeration Provide?

When you choose Jay-Lan Lawn Care for core aeration, your lawn will receive significant benefits. The biggest boon comes in the form of plentiful oxygen reaching the grass’s roots. When soil is too compacted, the pore space around the roots is reduced, which limits the amount of available oxygen. And like any plant, a lawn needs plenty of oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients, and continue growing.

Along with increased oxygen intake, core aeration offers several more big upsides:

    • Loosening of compacted soil permits the root system to grow faster and healthier
    • Water can better saturate the soil, making it easier to reach the roots
    • Enhanced saturation helps prevent run-off
    • Fertilizer and nutrients have an easier path to the lawn’s roots
  • Dry/dead grass (thatch) is easier to decompose

Work with Aeration Experts

From core aeration and tree trimming to overseeding and general mowing, we care for our customers’ lawns year round. Talk to us today about our approach, our pricing, what kind of lawn chemicals we recommend, and much more.