Landscaping Tips that Could Actually Harm your Lawn

If you are new to landscaping, you will be exposed to lots of different advice and well-meaning tips. Some of it is good, some bad, and some you should downright ignore. But it’s often difficult to judge what advice to apply or dismiss.

It’s important to know the area, the soil, the grass most suitable for your lawn, and what will work for your space. Let’s break down a few common landscaping tips that could actually harm your lawn and how to avoid them.

Tip 1: Keep It Symmetrical

Some may advise that the best way to keep your garden looking neat is to make it symmetrical and manicured. Unless you have full-time lawn care and garden services, this is hard to maintain and quickly looks neglected and unkempt. If you are DIYing your landscape, start simple, but plan well while being flexible.

Tip 2: Water When You Have Time

While it is true that you can water your garden at any time during the day, the effectiveness varies. Watering early in the morning, especially in summer, is most recommended because this is when evaporation is least likely to occur because there should be less wind and sun. Watering in the evening may lead to fungus growth and should be avoided if possible. It is also essential to know the watering requirements of your lawn and plants so you do not over or under water. Please speak to the professionals for advice or a quotation on an irrigation system so your garden gets the hydration it needs.

Tip 3: Any Grass Will Grow

You cannot pick just any type of grass for your lawn. There are two types of grass, warm-season, and cool-season grass, and in Sioux City, cool-season grass is usually more suitable. At Jay-Lan Lawn Care, we are people who are passionate about lawns. We can assess your requirements and advise and install the most suitable grass or sod for your landscape.

Additionally, don’t cut your lawn too short. You may have to mow less often, which can cause irreparable harm.

Tip 4: DIY Only

Maintaining a landscape, especially for curbside appeal, can be difficult. It is possible to do it all yourself, but consulting the professionals is worthwhile in the planning stages when revamping or changing your garden.

A successful gardener will tell you that the landscape needs regular attention and maintenance to keep it neat and beautiful. When you start a landscaping journey, most people are over-optimistic with enthusiasm and something fun to do once or twice, like raking up the messy leaves or flowers of a tree or watering every day, begins to pall.

A helping hand now and then is well worth it.

Tip 5: Plant What You Like

An attractive garden requires good planning and wisdom in knowing which plants to pick for your garden, soil type, and area. It is more accurate to say, plant what you know. Some plants are poisonous to animals or humans and should be avoided in residential homes. Others, like certain trees, grow excessively. People tend to plant trees that fit and don’t factor in the growth that may affect things like boundary walls or fences.

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