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Tips For Achieving A Green And Weed-Free Lawn In Iowa

Healthy lawns increase curb appeal and property values for Iowa homeowners, but lawn maintenance isn’t always easy. Weeds can take over your lawn quickly, not only affecting the aesthetics of your yard, but also using up valuable resources like water and nutrients that your grass and other plants need. Your local Sioux City lawn care professionals can help you achieve a weed free lawn in Iowa so you have time to enjoy your yard.

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How To Keep Grass Free From Weeds

Having a weed free lawn means a combination of proper maintenance, preventative measures, and a swift response to weeds as they appear. 

When To Weed And Feed Your Lawn In Iowa

If you’re planning to use combination products that contain herbicides and fertilizers, it’s important to use best practices. 

  • Use only on established lawns that have been growing at least 6 months.
  • Early Spring is the best time for weed and feed, while cool season grass is growing
  • Fall is also a good time for weed and feed, before winter frost sets in.
  • Using weed and feed in late spring and early summer may damage warm season grasses in their growing season
  • Don’t apply weed and feed more than twice a year

Types of Common IA weeds

There are many weeds that are commonly found in Sioux City. Invasive weeds are particularly problematic as they may easily overrun native plants when allowed to grow unchecked.  Healthy lawns will need to be free of these common IA weeds: 

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Oxalis
  • Quackgrass
  • Purslane
  • Bindweed
  • Chickweed
  • Poison Ivy
  • Broadleaf Plantain
  • Wild Violet
  • Ground Ivy
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Curly Dock

Natural Products For Weed Removal

It isn’t always necessary to use chemicals to get a weed free lawn. These natural approaches to weed prevention and weed removal are often successful:

  • Half gallon of vinegar mixed with a half cup of salt and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap
  • Boiling Water
  • Mulch
  • Hand removal with a trowel
  • Grow ground cover plants to prevent light so weeds wont grow
  • Natural store bought weed killers 

Best Ways To Remove Weeds

The very best way to keep a weed free lawn is with preemptive measures. A year-round lawn care program not only keeps weeds in check but also helps you keep track of any other changes to your lawn that could be damaging. Many homeowners make unintentional mistakes that actually damage their lawns, so it’s a good idea to get expert advice before trying any DIY solutions. 

Get Professional Services

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